50 nations, six dependent territories, nearly 750 million people. An unparalleled history of accomplishment, might, glory – and sometimes mindboggling folly. Birthplace of Western civilization. Progenitor of much of the secular and religious thought and invention that power the modern world.

Will Europe spark new versions of the Renaissance, Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution? Will it go forward in harmony? Will it be at the forefront of shaping ages to come?

Or will Europe’s epic past be the central story of its future?

Whither Europe?, a new CITIZENARTS educational documentary now in production, will seek to decipher what Europe will build for itself and bring to the world. From the Arctic Sea to the Mediterranean, Atlantic to the Ural Mountains, we will present the opinions, hopes and expectations of a cross section of Europeans: politicians, entrepreneurs, academics, artists, government officials, students, professionals, laborers, farmers and others.